awdit for business

awdit for business helps small to medium size businesses manage their IT. Tired of spreadsheets and inhouse tools? Want to save time and money, track accurately and report easily? awdit is for you.

Our web platform simplifies IT asset & infrastructure management, helping managers with information they need to be on top of but often struggle to. It helps users to adopt best practice, reduce cost, derisk and generate real business value from IT.

We help staff burdened with managing IT, from 3 to 300 computers. They include technical and non-technical staff: finance directors or managing directors in smaller businesses, IT Directors or CTOs in larger ones. Our system is provided entirely over the web as software as a service.

Our business product is still in beta...

We're delighted you're interested in using awdit. We'd love to have you on board. However, at the moment we're still in closed beta testing. If you meet our beta programme criteria, perhaps you'd like to contact us to request an account?

Don't fancy the beta?

That's fine. Leave us your email address in the box below, and we'll be in touch when we launch.