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What is awdit?

awdit Desktop is a free application, useful for improving performance on your Windows PC. Just one scan on your computer will make it possible to receive driver update notifications, clean registry, free up disk space, and use the startup manager to control startup software items.

It can help speed up your PC by fixing registry issues that occur over time, help you gain precious disk space by deleting temporary files or otherwise redundant files and help with disabling startup programs to improve PC boot time. All these make it the perfect tool to keep your computer in top health and help you optimise PC performance.

awdit desktop features

The free edition of awdit will give you:

  • 3 FREE driver downloads
  • Registry cleaner, 50 keys at a time
  • Disk space recovery, 50 MB at a time
  • Free startup manager, driver and software update notifications

Unlocking awdit Pro will let you use the software to full capacity and help you make the most out of your computer. awdit Pro users benefit from:

  • Unlimited driver downloads, unlimited registry cleaner
  • Unlimited disk space recovery
  • Access to our expert support team
  • No ads or captcha on our website

Driver update problems? awdit will help

Device drivers are software that help the different parts of your computer function and communicate with each other. Drivers are dependent on your hardware and operating system. A missing driver on your Ethernet controller, for example, might mean you can no longer connect to the Internet, while a driver missing for your sound card or video card means sound and video will not be properly rendered by your machine.

awdit is the biggest portal of information for driver versions, so if you are having trouble with missing drivers, we are here to help. awdit will list all the drivers found on your computer with one scan and notify if there is a newer version available.

How to free up disk space?

Not enough disk space? You can never have enough storage space, so awdit is here to help clean up temporary and redundant files, so scan your computer and see what files can be safely deleted to make room for more important files.

Speed up my PC by removing startup programs

Pesky startup programs might be the reason your computer is slow to boot. The awdit startup manager will make it easy to disable startup programs or enable them again when you feel you need them. You can even choose which programs can be run as administrator if you need them.

Clean registry of my Windows PC

The awdit PC optimisation tool kit also includes a registry cleaner that will make it easy to rid yourself of issues such as software and processes lagging while your computer looks for registry keys or files that no longer exist. awdit scan will automatically detect invalid registry entries, missing file references, invalid fonts, shell extensions or unused file extensions and fix all these issues with the click of a button.

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