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For Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
v2.0.17.0 - 3rd Jun, 2014

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Keep your software and drivers up to date awdit can automatically and unobtrusively scan your system to find where you're missing out on the latest software or drivers. Newer software can run faster, be more stable, and give you access to new features and functionality. Newer device drivers can help you make the most of your computer's hardware.
Recover wasted disk space The free application can scan your computer to find unecessary files which might be eating up your disk space: log files, temporary files, and old Internet cache files, amongst others.
Make your computer start faster by controlling which programs load on startup Our startup manager can be used to add or remove programs which start when your PC boots up.
Remove invalid or broken entries from your computer's registry awdit can scan your register to find invalid or broken registry entries. It can spot missing ActiveX components, DLLs sounds, help files, fonts, shell extensions and several other types of invalid entry.
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