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The Unknown device mystery. How to find a device ID using awdit desktop

Find your Device ID with awdit Desktop to identify unknown components and quickly fix your computer!

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Never lose another device driver: awdit driver backup and restore

Backup all your drivers for safety with awdit desktop software to avoid the serious issues that missing drivers cause to your Windows PC!

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Top antivirus software showdown - AVAST leading the market

Who are the top players in the antivirus market? Microsoft has bitten a large share of the market, but reputed companies like AVAST, AVG and Kaspersky stay above water: see who is best fit to protect your computer from harm.

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Disable startup programs to speed up your PC using awdit desktop software

Need to disable some pesky programs that run every time your computer starts? Use awdit desktop's startup manager, it will make your life easier and your computer faster!

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Not enough disk space? Free up disk space with awdit desktop software

Not enough space on your hard-disk? Clean your computer with awdit desktop software and remove temporary Internet files, empty Recycle Bin and log files!

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How to make the most of your computer

awdit is now out of beta and has many more features! Download our free software and benefit from driver update notifications, registry cleaner, disk cleaner, startup manager and much more!

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Missing an OCX file? How to fix OCX file errors

Safely download the most common OCX files from the awdit OCX archive. Damaged OCX files can create errors or stop software running correctly. Sometimes this is simply down to registry issues or even corrupt OCX files caused by malware or viruses. Fix these issues quickly and easily in our OCX file blog.

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Most PCs have 2 GB of RAM installed

On average most PCs have 2 GB of RAM and two modules installed, according to our awdit community. RAM memory of 1GB and 4GB are still quite popular, while other smaller memory sizes such as 512 MB and 256 MB are are used by just 8% of our users.

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